About Wormsmart

Wormsmart was born in Australia to founder Matthew Coddington, who designed the system to be simple and biological. Meanwhile here in NZ, Wayne Gilinsky had been working for nearly 20 years with various worm-based systems from around the world, but been frustrated by some of their flaws. When Wayne heard about Wormsmart, he headed over to Australia to check it out. He was impressed (by both the system and Matt’s hospitality!) and a trans-Tasman partnership began. New Zealand’s geography, with most people’s proximity to bodies of water, means that regulatory requirements are increasingly calling for a secondary level of wastewater treatment. So Wayne set about developing Wormsmart Plus, which has since set industry-leading standards at the OSET trials in Rotorua. Wormsmart NZ is an independent company, however Wayne & Matt continue to work closely together and are extremely proud of the products.

About Wayne

Based on Waiheke Island, Wayne’s drain laying company is well established and has been working in the industry for over 20 years. As Waiheke has no reticulated sewage systems,  every house, hotel and resort has a septic system of some sort. With such incredible diversity, one could say the island represents a world of different wastewater systems.

Through installing, servicing and repairing such a myriad of systems, from your basic septic tank to the state-of-the-art treatment plants, we have learnt some valuable lessons – such as which systems are the most reliable, which systems don’t smell, which use the least amount of electricity, which systems work without electricity, which systems require minimal maintenance and which systems are most suited to our environment. It is with this knowledge and experience that we have developed the Wormsmart system.

Wayne and his team are passionate about this product and genuinely enjoy their work. They are happy to go anywhere in the country to carry out installations or work with your local contractor.

Our Commitment To You

We believe that Wormsmart is one of the world’s most environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment systems.
The Wormsmart system has been designed and built to potentially last a lifetime, using the highest quality materials. We stand by our product with our 15-year full replacement warranty (2 years on pumps & flouts).
Our product and our service are provided with the utmost professionalism, expertise and high-quality workmanship.

Our Philosophy

Wormsmart Primary passive
We are passionate about providing our clients with a simple, reliable, hassle-free wastewater treatment system. One that gives back to the environment by working with nature to recycle waste, turning it into high-quality irrigation water.
Wormsmart NZ will continue to place environmental sustainability at the core of our operations. As we grow awareness of this industry-leading system, we will maintain our personal assurance to each site. We will continue to build Wormsmart NZ as a locally owned and operated wastewater specialist in New Zealand.