What Our Clients Say

Wayne from Wormsmart NZ installed a septic system at my place on Waiheke Island using the Wormsmart technology 2 years ago. It is a totally passive system, no pump is required, with a dosing flout. I am extremely happy with it. I lifted the lid on the main tank the other day just to look and was amazed at its efficiency. There is no smell at all and all the worm pee which is much purer than traditional septic line waste is used on the orchard. Simple and really effective technology.

-Alastair Gager

We had our Wormsmart system installed in 2007 and have been very happy with it. We have most of all enjoy not having to have it emptied every 3 years as required by Auckland City Council for other septic systems. Wayne checked on it for us today and it is a healthy and thriving ecosystem 12 years later. This is confirmation for us that we have made a good choice in terms of sustainability, convenience and cost.

-Bronwyn Weaver

I chose to work with Wayne Galinsky and his team and have been extremely happy with that choice. My worm based septic system has worked perfectly through the dry summers and into very wet winters. I am thrilled that the system is ecologically sound but is also low maintenance and straight forward. Wayne and the installers were friendly, easy to work with and professional. Don’t hesitate to install one of these systems – it is the future!

-Loretta Brown

Wayne installed our waste water system when we first moved in to our house in 2012 to replace the existing septic system. From the outset this system has worked absolutely perfectly. It functions year on year with almost no maintenance, is completely noise and smell free, and has coped with our varying waste water demands with no problems. I have no qualms recommending this system – when asked, I always describe our wastewater setup as ‘bulletproof’.

-Peter Nira